Unlocking Data Intelligence for a Better Business Model

Moyn Islam
2 min readSep 13, 2020

The companies today are undoubtedly sitting on unused goldmine — their important data — and they are also looking forward to utilizing it to transform their businesses by improving decision-making processes, bringing in innovation, enhancing customer experience and also facilitating operational efficiency. BE, the company I co-founded with my brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, offers AI-based products that have revolutionized the concept of ‘Live and Learn’ using exclusive travel and e-learning platforms.

Well, it is already proven that businesses worldwide are now leveraging machine learning, data science as well as AI to facilitate data-driven decision making, developing new services and products across the enterprises and improving business competitiveness. To highlight the importance of data intelligence and its potential, let me emphasize on the following key benefits:

Better business processes and tools!

Today, the companies see huge opportunities to unlock the best potentials of established as well as emerging data and analytics technologies. The data as well as analytic related tools may drive in improved and additional business activities, right from data preparation and integration tools, to business intelligence tools and client analytics platforms. They see value in Artificial Intelligence tools such as deep learning frameworks, speech analytics, chatbots and so on.

Quality service & decision making

The businesses also have undertaken data-driven decision making across the enterprise. They are now expanding huge data as well as for analytics initiatives like expanding or setting up data science centers of excellence as well as enhancing the quality of services or products using data as well as analytics.

Improved business efficiency

Data-driven actions have been taken up by the companies to focus on growth, operational efficiency as well as other key business outcomes. Enhanced revenue growth and improved analytical efficiency are the best outcomes that the businesses are hoping to experience. These actions also have helped to focus on vital things such as better customer experience, business efficiency as well as employees’ productivity and much more.

In a nutshell, companies of all sizes have believed that data and analytics are crucial for business operation and growth. We, at BE, too capitalize on the potential of data-driven decision making for effective real-time decision making.

Our digital solutions in education, fintech, travel and lifestyle have rightfully revolutionized the whole idea of ‘Live & Learn’. We have effectively personalized experiences and contributed to the community by constantly adding value.

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