Top AI Predictions For 2020 Onwards

Moyn Islam
3 min readSep 3, 2020

Artificial Intelligence technology has been talked about since the 2010s and the excitement and development around it continues in this decade also. With a vision to not just do business but to make people’s lives better, I and my two brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam have built a technology company for the exact reason. BE has a unique business concept to educate and keep you acquainted with the dynamic world of technology including Artificial Intelligence and its widening horizons. Although nothing has been precisely predicted about prospects of AI in this decade, we have rightly assumed that AI driven innovation is sure to continue in the fields of science, industry and also in society.

AI will increasingly monitor as well as refine business processes. Filling up forms, generating reports, producing documentation are tasks that will be automated to save time for people and reduce errors. It will streamline business processes as a result. Right from filling up forms to generating reports, everything will be done through machines. This automation will free the professionals from laborious and time-consuming works and allow them to spend maximum time on creative, interpersonal and miscellaneous works.

More real-time personalization will take place

It is expected that AI allows all the service providers to accurately and quickly project a comprehensive view of the customers in real-time. I am a strong believer that each and every industry now more than ever will focus on solutions that are aimed to offer personalized customer experience to the maximum level.

AI will be more useful since data becomes more accurate and widely available

Gone are the days when the quality of data or information available created a barrier in the way of businesses who wanted to move towards AI-driven automated decision making. In today’s time, with advanced technology, methods of simulating real-time processes and improved digital mechanisms, data is more meaningful.

More devices will now run by technology powered by AI

As the cost of software as well as hardware continues to decrease this year, Artificial Intelligence tools will be more widely embedded in the cars, home appliances and office tools. Powered by advanced technology like augmented and virtual reality displays and paradigms such as cloud and IoT, 2020 and beyond will witness equipment of diverse shapes and sizes that think or learn for us.

You can do it. And you can help others do it too! As entrepreneurs, we achieve success by reflecting first on what people want and not just doing business. My vision led me to build a company along with my brothers, Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam to bring in innovation and the latest in e-learning across diverse industries to anyone. Most of the time the knowledge that we obtain are through our own experiences and hardships, which we have now translated into simple digital programs so others can accelerate their progress by learning from the leaders in their domain.

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