Moyn Islam on Top Priorities in 2021 for Leaders in Sales

Moyn Islam
2 min readDec 19, 2020

The events of the year 2020 have changed the way the sales leaders need to manage, empower and engage with their teams. To be on a progress trajectory, it is important to address the factors that allow individuals to reach the goals set out and to mitigate any challenges.

I along with, Monir and Ehsaan Islam anticipated that traditional working conditions would see a significant shift. We developed a dynamic ecosystem backed by AI that helps people of all walks of life to build the business from just a smartphone and lead a life of their dreams. This very vision became ours. What started as a three people company back in 2018, BE today has 150+ employees worldwide. While businesses were badly hit due to Covid-19, BE was touching new heights.

Now, let me share some valuable insights into how sales and business leaders can overcome gaps to effectively lead the team through continued periods of uncertainty.

Transparency and involvement from company leadership

The ultimate leader of a sales organization is the owner of the company. As leaders, we should be open to being out in the field with the sales team, be engaged at every stage and support the sales representatives and managers alike throughout the cycle. Higher involvement also translates into fewer surprises and a higher degree of correlation with the situations at hand.

Understand sales people

We conduct skip-level meetings where we can connect directly with each member. Taking out time to connect with and know the team members in our company is time well spent. Once we understand what their personal goals are, we can do a better job coaching and leading them to achieve the company’s goals easily.

Have a structured development and promotion plan in place

Essentially, instead of gauging people’s ability to lead based on only their performance in the job, we consider the attributes that they will need to be successful in future roles and we help them to develop those skills. By taking a structured, skills-based approach to leadership development and promotion, we are successful in positioning our future leaders. This inevitably has helped our company to grow.

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Moyn Islam

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