Moyn Islam on 6 Signs of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Moyn Islam
2 min readDec 24, 2020

Moyn Islam on 6 Signs of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, refers to the ability to handle emotions — both our own and of others. It is the ability to recognize and understand emotions, having control over them, and to help others to do the same. These skills are as important for professional success as are technical skills.

To ensure the long-term productivity of our team, I, have utilized emotional intelligence as an entrepreneur as well as in my personal life. We have successfully nurtured a high performing team closely allied to our key business values so that all of us could scale and accomplish the set out vision.

Below are a few behavioral practices that we have adopted to use our EQ efficiently and foster it amongst our teams as well:


As leaders with EQ, we seek out ways to improve and excel which include helping our team to take initiatives. We cultivate strength in them and help them to become confident and capable enough to take initiatives on their own.

Conflict Resolution

Let’s face it — if we work in a team, conflict is sure to arise, even among the closest of colleagues. When that happens, we always come up with solutions that make everyone involved feel heard, respected, and resolved. To implement emotional intelligence, we provide team members with plenty of opportunities to talk and resolve issues before they devolve into dissatisfaction.


We believe that effective leaders must be empathetic in order to become emotionally intelligent. Empathy means not just listening to team members, but making them feel understood as well.


Optimism is another key trait of an emotionally intelligent leader and for us, optimism means to see the bigger picture of a tough situation or bad mood to get a better perspective and keep moving ahead.


Trust is about creating an environment of mutual confidence where the team members feel supported and secure.


As emotionally intelligent leaders, we constantly seek feedback from peers and other leaders to evaluate and strategize how to constantly improve.

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