Entrepreneur’s Must-Have Traits to Begin Again


“In every entrepreneur’s journey, there will come a time when they believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Trust this instinct to push through the hurdles of fear and failure. I did, and that’s what helped me sustain success.”

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Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan B. Islam, Global Launch Convention, Costa Rica

Not many have the grit and willpower to carry on when faced by constant hindrances because sometimes giving up is more comfortable than facing the looming miseries. Every person that starts their journey in the entrepreneurial world comes in with a ‘Never give up’ attitude, but not many adapt to another important attribute, that is to ‘begin again’. Even at the face of adversaries, an entrepreneur needs to begin again. It may sound conventional, but the more you hear and read about success stories, you’ll come to realize, those stories hold a truth that can be useful.

Because let’s get honest, we need all the help there is when journeying into the ruthless realm of entrepreneurship. Here are my leanings and five crucial traits that I had to develop in order to succeed.

Get Creative

It isn’t much but a simple ability to imagine. It becomes essential when you desperately need to make amends to your approach when struck by unexpected failure. What is popularly known as ‘think outside the box’ in the business world, creativity puts you on a pedestal that’s bound to take you places that you never knew existed before. Venturing into the entrepreneurship was never about having the one brilliant idea; it was about having a hundred ideas executed brilliantly time and again when required.

Be Tenacious

If there’s one fine line that differentiates success from surrender, that would be the quality of being tenacious. If you’re 100% certain that entrepreneurial path is your destiny, then you better develop tenacity because that’s what is going to keep you afloat when a wrong move or two drags you down the drains. If you believe in yourself and your ideologies, then keep doing what you’re doing again and again,

Appreciate Often

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, I believe one of the most priceless traits that one could acquire is being appreciative. When you start appreciating everything revolving you and your endeavors, you also help foster empathy. Because the entrepreneurial journey always becomes difficult as you move forward, and everyone could use a little bit of empathy and appreciation. As the famous saying goes, ‘you only get what you give’; go ahead and be that person first, and see what happens when you need it in return.

Stay Spirited

This one is more of a mindset than a trait per se. Let’s call it an attitude and a way of thinking and acting. Once you decided to become your own boss, it’s also necessary to act like one early on. Develop the habit of seeing the big picture, being agile, feeling restless in a good way and always, always going out and about. The aspect of having your spirits high no matter what also contributes to taking ownership and pride at what you do. Stay spirited, even when you think you don’t have the energy to do so.

Risk It, Again

Entrepreneurship is all about risk; if you hadn’t risked your steady paycheck, personal time, long-term savings, and so much more, you wouldn’t be here reading this article. If you can do it once, you can do it again. In fact, you must be ready to do everything all over again, if needed. You need to know when NOT to do something impulsive in the name of risking. The willingness to risk it once or more only attributes to a competitive edge that many lacks.

Master these traits, and I say you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge in your life.

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