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In the last couple of years, businessman and entrepreneur, Moyn Islam has somehow put his life together to become a ‘millennial millionaire’. Having invested in a number of businesses, Moyn has transformed himself into one of the youngest 8-figures earners around the globe. Someone who has the formula to achieving more in less than no time.

Aside from the fact Moyn is a millionaire mentor and entrepreneur, he has always been keen on coming up with ways and formulas that could be applied to enable people to learn the basics of some of the most disruptive technologies of our time. He is keen on ensuring that people come to terms with the amazing blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, the internet, etc. This strong desire has led to the development and launch of the MELiUS project. MELiUS is simply an ecosystem that has been created specifically for the spread of online information in trading, marketing, and technology.

Moyn Islam strongly believes that there are certain technologies that are capable of revolutionizing how things are done presently. He is of the opinion that most people are not making efforts to embrace these disruptive technologies and that does who want to, do not even know where to start from. According to him, the solution to this problem is to educate the people. Most people do not know about the positive impacts these new technologies are capable of bringing and so have decided to continue sleeping on them. Moyn argues that if a community is to change, that knowledge is to be imparted and in what other way could knowledge he imparted if not by educating people?. Instead of having to stick to the status quo, people would need to be ready to embrace the change that is coming as it is inevitable. What better way can we embrace it than to know how it works and make use of it?

Right from a young age, Moyn has had this drive to tell people the things life has taught him, the things starting a business at an early stage has taught him. His desire to share this knowledge with people is one of the main reasons why he chose to become a business manager. Moyn is currently one of the leading business managers that are well skilled and read in the art of strategic planning, knowledge of Internet, profit and loss.

Moyn over the years has found out that most business owners struggle when it comes to efficiently managing their businesses. This is why he decides to help offer them the needed assistance by becoming a business manager. He is also aware that most people do not know some of the new technologies that are currently disrupting most industries, that is why he is constantly writing about these new technologies and also sharing their possible use cases. Moyn Islam happens to be a serial entrepreneur that has spent a couple of years starting and managing a number of businesses. He is also offering individuals and business owners tips that would help them to efficiently manage their businesses. With the development and launch of the MELiUS ecosystem, Moyn Islam is seeking to offer those in need of it top-notch marketing knowledge. This platform has been designed in such a way that it combines information, online technology, and marketing in such a way that no one else has envisaged.

Generally, Moyn Islam seeks to offer business owners expert advise on how best they can manage their businesses to ensure that they do not fold within the first phase.

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