CEO and Co-Founder of BE, Moyn Islam on the Importance of Having A Scalable Business Model

Moyn Islam
2 min readOct 5, 2020

Written by Moyn Islam’s Media Team

Scalability is what makes a business worthwhile. An effective and scalable business can serve, and add value to not just thousands but to millions.

Moyn Islam, along with his brothers Monir Islam and Ehsaan Islam, has built a scalable business model to support entrepreneurs with limited resources be successful and live the life of their dreams. The idea is to allow entrepreneurs to scale at a sustainable rate with proven tactics. They took care of the following:


An efficient team is important for a business to thrive. In fact, empowering staff with decision-making and leadership qualities is much essential for a rapid growth trajectory. The brothers believe in this strongly and hence have experts for each business function.

Trusted partnerships

Moyn, Monir and Ehsaan nurtured relationships by setting rewards and by building a healthy as well as tactical partner ecosystem that adds value to their customers as well the organization as a whole.

Effective Marketing

Fast and sustainable scaling up of business happens only when a new service or product gains maximum visibility. It is achieved through strategic marketing planning. Instead of restricting marketing plans through ad campaigns and local promotions, the brothers focus on building a loyal customer community through excellent customer servicing.


Robust technology-based business solutions coupled with other automation boosts growth. With tech systems in place, scaling business takes out the operational bottlenecks.

Never become a prisoner of the past, rather be an architect of the future. The passion of Moyn, Monir and Ehsaan Islam to change the world and to provide a scalable business model to young entrepreneurs to multiply their prospects is noteworthy. They are shaping successful careers and lives of entrepreneurs who want to make it big by providing them with a backing of these resources.

They have developed innovative digital products that have undeniably empowered people and to earn a living with just a smartphone. BE, an advanced digital tech company created a unique travel platform that holds more than 1 million hotels, partnered with top brands in flights, airport lounges and cruises and also has over 50,000 car rental locations across the world. Its e-learning platform fosters innovative learning and provides the resources for those who want to enhance their skills to live better. With one million users, the advanced live streaming platform of BE offers diverse content in multiple languages as well as geo-located to its user’s country or region.

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